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Alien Shooter - Fight for Life
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2026 AD.

One year passed since aliens invaded planet Earth. These monsters have captured large districts of the Earth surface, and now all the humanity arises against them.

Among secret government research projects there’s a virus which can help people survive and avoid total annihilation.

You must get into the secret research-and-development center and save the virus. Yes, save the virus, because it’s in danger now...

In the new part of the game:

- 5 new missions, put together in a plot line
- vivid prehistory
- even larger crowds of monsters to wipe out before you reach the goal

NOTE: This addon will work only with FULL version of the Alien Shooter game.

System Requirements:
Pentium II 400 MHz processor
Direct3D compatible 3D graphics card with 16 MB
DirectSound compatible sound card
Mouse compatible device

Cheat codes:

In game mode:
cheate - complete level.
cheath - gives 1000 hp.
cheatw - gives all weapons.
cheata - + 1000 ammo

In the shop:
cheatm - + 50 000 money.

NOTE: To enable cheat codes is necessary to type letters
on the keyboard during the game.

In Survive mode codes do not work.


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